My Publishing Journey: Friends & Family Book Launch

20150919_152501Recently, my friend, Sharon, and her husband, Don, hosted a “Friends & Family” book launch for The Hanged Man’s Noose at their lovely home. Because it was a private home, the guest list was limited to 40 invites (about 35 people were able to attend), and the event was not posted ahead of time on social media.

I didn’t even have a firm publication date when Sharon offered to host my book launch. To be honest, the thought of it terrified me a bit—I wasn’t quite sure what to expect (or what to do).

Fortunately Sharon had experience: she had previously hosted a book launch for our mutual friend, Barry Dempster, an award-winning author and poet. She gave me a list of required items beyond copies of The Hanged Man’s Noose (red and white wine, plastic wine glasses, bottled water, napkins and light snack food: cheese tray with crackers and grapes, veggie platter, cookies). Perhaps not an inspired menu, but Sharon’s advice was: Keep it simple. I was glad I did.

Nina in Sharon's spectacular garden. Can you tell Nina is a yoga instructor?

Nina in Sharon’s spectacular garden. Can you tell Nina is a yoga instructor?

Our hopes were that the weather that day would cooperate so folks could mill around outside (as you can see, Sharon has a spectacular garden). Unfortunately, rain threatened (for the first time in days), so we were mostly indoors, although that was far from a hardship. Sharon is an incredibly talented artist and her paintings adorn their walls. Don is a professional jazz pianist who kindly volunteered to play a few tunes. He added magic to an already magical day.

In addition to Sharon and Don, and the many friends and family who came by to help me celebrate, my heartfelt thanks go to:

  • Donna, who offered to be the bookseller so I could chat with everyone who came
  • Nina (who you first met in my blog Photo Shoot), bartender extraordinaire
  • Christine, who introduced me to the “crowd” and took many, many photos
  • Carol, for the champagne, enjoyed later that day in the comfort of my own home
  • Vicki, for the sunflowers20150919_154120
  • And last, but not least, my husband, Mike, who also took many, many photos, and who forgave me when I had an “Oscars” moment and almost forgot to thank him! (In my defence, I did dedicate The Hanged Man’sNoose to him…)

Sharon and Don (and yes, Sharon painted that gorgeous work of art behind the piano)

I left Sharon and Don’s that day feeling truly blessed for my wonderful family and the many good friends I’ve made over the years—friends I’ve met in a variety of places and spaces, from golfing to running to fitness classes to creative writing workshops to neighbors and more.

What else can I say? The power of friendship. It’s priceless.

I’ve included a handful of pictures on this post. I plan to include more in my November (quarterly) newsletter, along with a bunch of other cool stuff.  If you haven’t signed up, you can do so by clicking on this link.

The Hanged Man’s Noose is now available in print and ebook at all the usual suspects, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Chapters.Indigo and other fine booksellers, as well as directly from the publisher, Barking Rain Press

Thanks for reading!

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12 responses to “My Publishing Journey: Friends & Family Book Launch

  1. Judy Penz Sheluk

    Yes, I am Carol!

  2. You are indeed truly blessed! 🙂

  3. Judy Penz Sheluk

    Thanks Debra. It was great fun.

  4. What a lovely launch. I remember that my first launch was at my home many years ago. There’s something about a relaxed environment with friends and colleagues that makes it so much fun.

  5. Judy Penz Sheluk

    Thanks Sheri. Yes, it’s been magical and this event was very special.

  6. eightpawswriting

    What a wonderful way to begin! It’s so special when friends surround you with their joy and support. This will be a magical year! Enjoy-

  7. Judy Penz Sheluk

    Thanks Grace. These were all friends long before I started writing The Hanged Man’s Noose. To varying degrees, they were all subjected to hearing about it over the course of writing it and trying to find a publisher! It was great to celebrate with them.

  8. Grace Topping

    Congratulations, Judy, on having a successful event. You are blessed with wonderful friends. I believe one of the greatest aspects of becoming a mystery writer is the friendships I’ve formed throughout the process.

  9. Judy Penz Sheluk

    It was, Susan. An absolute blast!

  10. Judy Penz Sheluk

    Kristina, I have been very fortunate in my life to have made some wonderful friends. I knew that but on my launch day I was overwhelmed by the support and happiness in that house. It was incredible. Took me a week to come down from the hight.

  11. Kristina Stanley

    Wow. Nice friends you have !

  12. Susan Van Kirk

    What a great celebration!

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