Which Video Do You Prefer?

Great fun! A business colleague of mine created these two 10-second videos for me.  Which one do you prefer? Poll closes January 15, 2016 11:59 p.m. EST.

The Hanged Man’s Noose #1


The Hanged Man’s Noose #2


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14 responses to “Which Video Do You Prefer?

  1. Judy Penz Sheluk

    Thanks for voting!

  2. Kristina Stanley

    Voted… But I won’t tell which one…

  3. Judy Penz Sheluk

    That was my gut feel as well Grace so far #1 is in the lead

  4. Grace Topping

    I voted for No. 2 because to me graffiti has a negative connotation.

  5. Judy Penz Sheluk

    Thanks Sheri! I hope you voted. So far, #1 seems to be in the lead.

  6. eightpawswriting

    Hi Judy, I watched them over and over. I like no 1 because it caught & held my interest. I needed to see what the pictures were about,

  7. Judy Penz Sheluk

    Yes, I thought that when I saw it. I’m not going to say which one I prefer. Don’t forget to vote! I can’t vote for you.

  8. I liked the first one because painting on a wall has that thought of “Is this illegal?”

  9. Judy Penz Sheluk

    No, there is no sound Susan. It’s like a silent movie 🙂

  10. Judy Penz Sheluk

    That’s the one I prefer, but so far #1 is in the lead. Be sure to cast your vote!

  11. Judy Penz Sheluk

    Thanks Karina, hope you voted for it! So far, #1 is in the lead.

  12. susanintoronto

    Fun. But I didn’t get any sound…?

  13. Michelle Banfield


  14. Karina clark

    I like #1!

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