BK Stevens: The First Two Pages


Download the Kindle Version Free February 9, 10 &11. Click on the book cover for the Amazon link.

I’m a huge fan of BK Stevens‘ crime fiction, and was thrilled to meet her this past October at Bouchercon in Raleigh. When she invited me to guest on her blog, The First Two Pages, I jumped at the chance to analyze the opening paragraphs of Live Free or Die, the first short story in Live Free or Tri.

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I’m also offering the Kindle version of Live Free or Tri as a free download February 9, 10 and 11th. Enjoy!



4 responses to “BK Stevens: The First Two Pages

  1. Judy Penz Sheluk

    Hi Carol,

    Great question. Since I’m a pantster, when I write a novel, I have time to develop my story line and my characters. With a short story, you don’t have the luxury of time and you really need to know where you’re going because you’re going to get there fast. So it’s foreign to the way I personally craft a story. And it’s best to have only a couple of characters in a short story to carry the plot. In a novel, you can have all kinds of extraneous characters to help move it along.

  2. So sorry I missed your offer. 🙂 What is it about writing short fiction difficult for you -more than writing a mystery novel? Anyway, good luck with She-Bang 3. 🙂

  3. Judy Penz Sheluk

    It’s a quick read. Hope you enjoy it. Also working on a story for She-Bang 3, but not sure I’ll pull it together by the deadline. I find writing short fiction so difficult!

  4. susanintoronto

    What a nice surprise, Judy. A free book from you. But before I crack the spine, I really have to focus on She-Bang 3. Arrrgggh! :^)

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