Goddess Fish Promotions: FictionZeal

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 9.19.35 AMIn stop 3 on my Goddess Fish Promotions Tour, I pay a visit to FictionZeal.com.

If you’ve ever wondered how I created the fictional town of Lount’s Landing, this blog post will answer your question. I also discuss how I came up with the premise (greedy developer comes to town with plans to build a mega-box store) behind The Hanged Man’s Noose.

Here’s a brief excerpt:

Like the fictional town of Lount’s Landing, which is starting to experience modest growth, the population of Holland Landing is expected to grow to about 20,000 residents. This sort of growth, which inevitably involves razing of forests and urbanization of farmland, never goes without angering many of the current residents—I remember a builder telling me once that “Sprawl is the house next to yours” and it’s true. People forget that their home was once farmland or forest. I suppose knowing that doesn’t help if you’re suddenly facing a brick wall instead of an open field or a bank of trees.

To read the rest of the post, click here. You can also win a $25 B&N or Amazon gift card!



2 responses to “Goddess Fish Promotions: FictionZeal

  1. Judy Penz Sheluk

    Hi Gillian, good to hear from you. So far, people are getting a kick out of it. It is very fictionalized, but I get comments saying — I ate in that restaurant (that my fictional diner is based on). That sort of thing. Or the radio station, Q107, that I mention in the book, is a Toronto rock station. But the people are 100% made up, so if someone is recognizing themselves, they have a guilty conscience!

  2. Interesting that you base fictional Lount’s Landing to a large extent on your own home town. Does this cause any problems with people/places that think they recognise in your story?

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