New Release Mondays: What She Fears by Jane Gorman

What-She-Fears-Web-MediumAuthor Name: Jane Gorman

Book Title: What She Fears

Book Genre: Traditional Mystery

Release Date: August 16, 2016

Synopsis: To solve the murder of a Galway professor investigating ancient Irish history, a Philadelphia police detective in Ireland must confront his own truths.

Visiting Galway in an effort to strengthen his struggling romance and explore his family legacy, Detective Adam Kaminski stumbles onto a murder scene. Quite literally. Now he must solve the grisly death of a university professor before he becomes a convenient scapegoat – or convenient target.

Adam and Detective Superintendent Isabel Sayers delve into local power struggles and ancient legends in their search for a murderer. But the only way to find the truth is to face their own fears.

Excerpt:  The hot pink in the scarf finally caught his attention. He should have noticed it sooner. He would have noticed it sooner if he hadn’t been preoccupied with his own concerns. Concerns that paled in comparison to those of the woman half covered by the low bushes that separated the footpath from the River Corrib.

Detective Adam Kaminski stepped off the path toward the body. She lay face up, her right arm flung over her head as if, had she been standing, she were hailing a taxi or waving a flag. Perhaps she had been trying to attract attention, flailing for any possible help during her last, horrible moments.

She looked surprised, her eyebrows frozen in an expression of amazement, her eyes wide open though forever unseeing. Adam bent closer, examining the corpse without touching anything. He knew better than that.

Her pale face lay buried beneath a wave of dark curls, but he could see that she wore makeup, her eyes lined with some kind of charcoal, her lips still ruby red, even in death. She was dressed for a night out, one high-heeled pump still on her left foot, the other not visible from where Adam crouched. A long earring lay on the ground near her head, like a colorful cut-stone flower tossed aside. Her clothes were bright. Flamboyant. He really should have noticed her sooner.

Her body lay off the main pedestrian path that crossed Nun’s Island from the cathedral, along the banks of the River Corrib toward the bridge that led to National University of Ireland, Galway. A back entrance used mostly by students. He’d only come this way because of the time he’d spent reading about the area. It seemed a pleasant walk.

GormanAuthorCroppedAbout the author: Jane Gorman is the author of the Adam Kaminski mystery series. Gorman’s books are informed by her international experiences, both as an anthropologist and through her work with the U.S. State Department. She has previously published in the field of political anthropology, negotiated international instruments on behalf of the U.S. government, and appeared on national television through her efforts to support our nation’s cultural heritage. Her books are each set in a different city or town around the world, building on her eye for detailed settings, appreciation of complex characters, and love of place-based mystery. Find more about Jane on her website.

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