New Release Mondays: Emma Rose by Sandra McGregor

EmmaRose_w9915_300Author Name: Sandra McGregor

Book Title: Emma Rose

Genre: Historical Romance

Release Date: Sept 14, 2016

Synopsis: Orphaned young, Emma Rose works nights at Denver Orphanage and days at Stratton Tires. At the USO, she’s captivated by a Naval officer, but duty separates them.

Home to heal after the Pearl Harbor bombing, Naval pilot Thomas Stratton is pressured by his father to stay and manage the family business. He escapes to the USO. After only two dances, Emma disappears, leaving him only memories of Rapunzel-length hair and a forgotten sweater.

Reunited, Emma dreams about the future, but some plot against them. Can love survive a war at home and afar?

Excerpt: The song’s mellow tune and words of promised love had couples swaying close together, wrapped in the arms of the other while the dim lights and shadows created a feeling of seclusion in the crowded, noisy room. A gentle smile lifted her lips. She liked seeing people having and forgetting the troubled world for an evening.

“Excuse me. Would you care to dance?”

The deep voice interrupted her musing, drawing her attention to the dark-haired man standing near. His white uniform identified him as Navy–not a branch of service seen often in Denver.

He leaned forward slightly, his stance relaxed yet with a degree of military form. His deep-set, dark-blue gaze held her captive, mesmerized, like a hypnotist weaving a trance. She couldn’t look away. Most officers assumed any girl they chose would be willing to spend time with them. This one appeared to wait for an answer.

“I’d love to dance.” Her smile was automatic.

His shoulders relaxed a bit more as he stepped in closer and held out a hand. As their fingers touched, a tingle raced across her skin, sending a shiver down her  back in sharp contrast to the heat radiating from his skin. Emma continued to stare, until, with a gentle tug, she was drawn forward to be tucked protectively close to his side. The captivating gaze lasted another moment before his attention turned toward the dance floor and threading a path among the numerous couples.

The situation felt strange. How could someone she’d just met lead her with a word and a stare? Something was different about him–something she couldn’t identify. Someday, when other soldiers became a faded memory, this night–this man–would linger.

photo_002About the author: Sandra McGregor was challenged by her husband in 2001 to not wait until retirement in 2005 to write the book(s) he’d heard about since they married. Picking up the gauntlet he threw down, she spent eight years honing her craft and finishing twenty-one manuscripts—two of which are published by Montlake Books, as Sandra Elzie, and fifteen others published under Sandra McGregor.

Sandra lives in Georgia with hubby and the cat and enjoys reading, traveling, and connecting with her readers. Find out more about Sandra on her website. 

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  1. A bit late, but I forgot perhaps the most memorable name in Judge, Jury, Murderer. The bad guy is a pseudo-religious serial killer named Abel Cain. Catchy, huh?

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