New Release Mondays: The Whole She-Bang 3


I am very proud to have 2 stories included in this collection: Saturday with Bronwyn and Goulaigans. All submissions were blind-judged, making inclusion all the more special.

Author Names: Edited by Janet Costello Cathy Ace
Jayne Barnard
Anne Barton
Miriam Clavir
Susan Daly
Lisa de Nikolits
Alice Fitzpatrick
Valerie Hauch
Elizabeth Hosang
Heather MacDonald-Archer
J. A. Menzies
Lynne Murphy
Helen Nelson
Ed Piwowarczyk
Andre Ramshaw
Darlene Ryan
Judy Penz Sheluk
Coleen Steele

Book Title: The Whole She-Bang 3

Book Genre: Crime Fiction Anthology

Release Date: November 17, 2016

Synopsis: This is the third installment in the Toronto Sisters in Crime Whole She-Bang crime short story anthologies. We include 22 stories by 18 members of Sisters in Crime in Canada.  The authors include frequent She-Bang Contributors, previously published authors, and a few who are being published here for the first time. Stories include a wide range of sub-genres — from light to dark.

Excerpt: Since there are 22 stories, I’m sharing one-liners, one from each story, to whet your appetite!

“Zoom in on Rod’s hands and see if you can catch him with his fingers crossed.”

Annie’s ears picked up the ugly words and she strained to hear more.

Bronwyn had a motto, “Never tell a lie when a half-truth will do.”

Fluellen felt the silence build like prison walls.

No one wanted to talk about my mother’s disappearance.

“Well, Mother. I hope you’re enjoying Hell,” Maureen said at last.

“My girls will be haunted by … the dubious distinction of being labelled the daughters of a murderess.”

Steve found the kind words and sympathetic glances bestowed upon him while he sat shiva for his father a lot tougher to stomach than bashing in the old man’s skull with a crowbar.

Then all was darkness.

Too late for any blossoms. Maybe ragged remnants.

She allowed herself the luxury of indulging in her favourite fantasy…how she could rid herself of Leo.

Change the way women who report abuse are treated.

Chuckling out loud he noticed the lady across the aisle giving him a look that could curdle milk.

Perchkin returned the gesture with a smile as thin as the Mona Lisa on downers.

So, what, you left your bullwhip at home?

Remembering Bud’s performances with me, I figured that I had about three minutes to get out of the house.

The Empress and The Dork together at 9 a.m. in a back hallway would be only hearsay, not evidence

Without really thinking about it, he flexed and clenched his left hand

It would have been so easy to fall forward against the handle and push the knife into his soft stomach.

And Toronto, I figured, was close enough to New York.

And then I spotted the canoe.

“Do you think a publisher will take it if you leave the readers up in the air like that?”

If you’re in the Toronto area:

Sunday, November 27th: Starting at 2:00PM, the Sleuth of Baker Street will be hosting the second launch for The Whole She-Bang 3! Wine, nibblies, and readings by the story authors will be on hand.

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  1. Judy Penz Sheluk

    I can’t wait to read the other stories, Catherine. I loved She-Bang 1 and 2.

  2. Judy Penz Sheluk

    Here’s hoping the weather is okay.

  3. Looking forward to the launch, Judy. See you soon

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