New Release Mondays: 50 Shades of Cabernet by Various Authors

Book Title: 50 Shades of Cabernet

Book Genre: A Mysterious Anthology

Release Date: March 20, 2017

Synopsis: Pour yourself a good mystery is the theme for this anthology of short stories, each blending a mystery and a glass or more of cabernet. When eighteen mystery writers combine their talents, the result is the perfect “flight” of stories that range from light-bodied puzzles to sparkling cozies and heavier tales of deceit and murder. While cabernet is the featured wine, this anthology will appeal to connoisseurs of all varietals–in both wine preference and mystery style.

Excerpt: From Love the Wine You’re With by Teresa Inge

“Get up, Em!” Jules Riley yelled at her sister passed out on the couch.

Em opened her eyes and rubbed her throbbing head. “What time is it?”

“Five o’ clock. You’ve been hungover all day.”

Em twisted her aching body into a vertical position. “How did you get in here anyway?”

“The door was unlocked… I’m serious, Em. You missed a big event today.” Jules was regretting hiring her sister to coordinate events for her event-planning business.

Em ran her hand through her long blonde hair.

Jules pushed a pair of stilettos, earrings, an empty bottle of cabernet and a Post-It note to the back of the couch and sat. She snatched the note, read it, then slapped it against Em’s arm.

Em grabbed the Post-It. “Jax broke up with me?”

“Yes, another boyfriend sick of your partying.”

Em slumped on the couch. “My life sucks! My boyfriend dumped me on a Post-It, and all I do is plan events that I don’t enjoy and book trips that I don’t take. Ugh!”

“That’s what we do. We plan events for our clients and not for us to party. Now listen up. You need to be at Virtually Yours by three o’clock tomorrow for the wine tasting.” Jules turned toward the door. “And clean this place up. It reeks of wine.”

About Teresa Inge: Teresa grew up reading Nancy Drew mysteries. Combining her love of reading mysteries and writing professional articles led to writing short fiction and a novel. Today, she doesn’t carry a rod like her idol but she loves hot rods. If she’s not signing books, she’s at a car show with her husband or serving as president of the Sisters in Crime, Mystery by the Sea chapter in Chesapeake, Virginia. Visit Teresa at





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  1. Kristin! I’m looking forward to signing with you!

  2. Hi Marilyn! I know what you mean! It’s fun and exciting seeing a new release. Congratulations!

  3. Thanks, Jim! I looked for authors that I admire and who just happen to be the best of the best!

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    I didn’t know that Jim. Thanks for letting us know.

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    Thanks for stopping by Kristin!

  7. jmjackson054

    What Theresa didn’t mention is that she honchoed the project and did a marvelous job. I’m looking forward to reading the other stories.

  8. Such a great teaser, Teresa. *cheers*

  9. Judy Penz Sheluk

    Thanks for stopping by Victoria. I agree, it sounds like a fun read. Perfect for sitting on the patio with a glass of wine!


    This book sounds like a lot of fun, and includes one of my favorites–World’s Most Helpful Editor Barb Goffman!

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    Thanks for stopping by, CJ. Good luck with your new release!

  12. I just went through a whirlwind blog blog tour for my new release (March 15), so I know the drill…Exciting, exhilarating, and exhausting. Best wishes for great success. Marilyn (aka “cj”)

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