New Release Mondays: Heavy Metal by Andrew Bourelle

Author Name: Andrew Bourelle

Book Title: Heavy Metal

Book Genre: Suspense/coming of age

Release Date: Feb. 7, 2017

Synopsis:  Danny is a high school freshman on the fringes of teenage society. While his peers are dating, playing sports, or hanging out with friends, Danny spends his time alone, taking solace in hard rock music. Danny’s mother is dead, his father is an alcoholic, and his older brother Craig is as damaged as he is. The book starts on a Saturday night as Danny and Craig sneak off with their father’s pistol, looking for trouble.

Excerpt: Craig kneels on the floor, like he’s going to pray, and pulls out a box of ammunition. He plugs a cartridge into each empty slot. He works slowly and deliberately, as if thinking about each bullet. He rises, takes the box of shells and tucks it into his jean jacket pocket. He sucks his stomach in and tries to tuck the pistol into his belt. It’s too big. He pulls it out, and holds it at his side, his finger outside the trigger guard.

The gun is fourteen inches long from grip to front sight, the barrel eight inches. Empty, the gun weighs four pounds. Loaded with six bullets, I imagine the weight increases exponentially. I imagine each bullet multiplies the weight by a power of two, as if they carry something else—the weight of the future.

Craig lifts the Magnum and gestures with it toward the door as if the gun weighs nothing at all.

About the author: Andrew Bourelle is the author of Heavy Metal, winner of the 2016 Autumn House Fiction Prize. He is the coauthor with James Patterson of the short thriller The Pretender, which can be found in Patterson’s collection Triple Threat. Bourelle’s short stories have been published widely, including in The Best American Mystery Stories. More information can be found at

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  1. Judy Penz Sheluk

    good luck with your release, Andrew!

  2. Thank you, Judy, for including me in your New Release Mondays!

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