New Release Mondays: Parent Teacher Association by Jennifer Soosar

Author Name: Jennifer Soosar

Book Title: Parent Teacher Association

Book Genre: Psychological suspense

Release Date:  June 24, 2017

Synopsis: Fresh out of a mental hospital, Lizanne Demeter is thrilled when she’s hired as a schoolteacher in a backwater town.

But hopes for a peaceful life are ruined when ‘helicopter mom’ Naomi pushes Lizanne to the brink.

As Lizanne unravels the secret behind Naomi’s agenda, deadly clues emerge.

With her life teetering on chaos, Lizanne risks everything to expose the truth. But first, she must prove herself a more dedicated teacher than anyone dared imagine—the kind who makes ALL the difference.

Excerpt: There hadn’t been a letter back from Clint in a while. The window of time between previous back-and-forth letters had passed. And then some.

Lizanne knew she needed patience with the prison system, and the speed at which mail travelled within it, but she couldn’t help feel more and more anxious each day nothing arrived from him. There should have been something by now. It wasn’t unreasonable to expect something, in this long time.

All she wanted was a fresh letter from Clint to luxuriate in. Confirmation that her romance was growing—expanding—and that he still needed and loved her. Lizanne Demeter needed it now desperately.

What if he didn’t like the tattoo?

Had she gone too far with that? Had it scared him off?

Yes, it was a bit crazy, a bit impulsive. But it was romantic, too. Plus, he had wanted a gesture, had asked for one and left the door open to interpretation. No, the Clint’s Girl tattoo couldn’t be the reason he hadn’t written back yet.

What if some other woman is writing to him? What if he’s busy with her? Falling in love with her?

Then Lizanne logged onto Clint’s profile on Mother of pearl, it was still up! Even though they were a couple, he hadn’t bothered to take his listing down. Anybody could still write to him—any woman out there in the whole world!

Maybe he has no control of it. Just ask him nicely to take it down next time he gets computer privileges. He’ll understand. He will.

But would he? The relationship was still young. What if he got offended at being told what to do? Men didn’t like that. But the profile needed to be removed. It wasn’t an unreasonable request. They were boyfriend/girlfriend—they were in love.

It was of utmost importance to Lizanne that she maintain her position of control here. Clint Hubert was a gorgeous, intelligent, decent man—a prize catch—and any dumb skank trolling the LockUpLink website would recognize that for herself.

No, no, no, no, no. This needed to be rectified immediately.

About the author: Jennifer Soosar watched too much America’s Most Wanted’ growing up and has been writing about shady characters ever since. She was born and raised in Toronto and has a degree in anthropology. Her short fiction has appeared in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine. She is a member of Crime Writers of Canada, International Thriller Writers, and Sisters in Crime. To find out more about Jennifer and her writing projects visit her website

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  4. This title looks intriguing for teachers, psychological thriller lovers and mystery fans. I am still thinking of coming to Toronto in October!? Thanks for sharing this information, Judy.

  5. Well this sounds fascinating. A page turner for sure! Thanks for sharing. #getsocial17 (sorry, a little late finishing getting around to everyone)

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    Very intriguing premise. The opening line had me hooked into reading the excerpt. Good luck with your new release!

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    Good Luck! Sounds like a great summer read.

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