New Release Mondays: The Walls by Hollie Overton

Hollie Overton is a TV writer, producer and novelist. She has written for Shadowhunters, Cold Case, and The Client List, Hollie’s debut thriller, BABY DOLL was an international bestseller and published in eleven countries. Hollie lives in Hollywood with her husband and rescue dog.

Book Title: The Walls

Book Genre: Thriller

Release Date: 8/08/2017

Excerpt: Kristy regarded the sign posted at the entrance to the cellblock: NOTE. NO HOSTAGES WILL EXIT THROUGH THIS GATE. This sign served as a reminder that on death row these inmates were not to be trusted, that in here, your life hung in a delicate balance. For some reason, right Kristy glanced over at one of the cells, inexplicably drawn to it. Through the tiny sliver of glass, she spotted an inmate, his body splayed out on the floor beside his state-issued cot. Baby Killer Harris. That’s what the press and some of the guards called him. Kristy knew him as Clifton Harris. He had been sentenced eight years ago for killing his two young children.

Jesus Christ, he’s bleeding,” Kristy said, turning toward the warden. She hated how shrill and high-pitched her voice sounded, like this man had a paper cut and not wrists that were flayed open. The warden stepped forward, looking through the window to confirm that what Kristy was saying was true.

“Get some more officers down here. Now!” Warden Solomon shouted to Bruce, who pressed a button on his radio, the squawking sound echoing down the halls.

“Get back,” the warden yelled at Kristy. The buzzer sounded and the cell door’s lock opened. Unable to wrench her gaze from Clifton’s pale face, his blue lips, his eyes rolling back in his head, Kristy rushed past the warden and pushed the door open, kneeling beside Clifton, touching his neck and searching for a pulse.

“Hold on, Clifton. Just hold on.”

Clifton’s eyes fluttered open, haunted, life slipping from them. A bloodstained hand reached out, grasping Kristy’s wrist.

“Ms. Tucker, I can’t do this no more. I can’t,” he begged, that same hand now reaching up to grab Kristy’s collarbone. “Just let me go,” Clifton begged, his hand starting to squeeze.

In this moment Kristy’s wondered if Ryan had been right all along, that by staying in this job, by accepting what they did here, she had made a fatal mistake.


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