New Release Mondays: Earthbound by Val Tobin

Author Name: Val Tobin

Book Title: Earthbound

Book Genre: Speculative Fiction

Release Date: April 17, 2017

Synopsis: A spirit refuses to cross over and becomes earthbound when she discovers the shocking details behind her death.

Excerpt: I moved to the machines monitoring my vitals, breathing for me, and pumping fluids into me. I touched the heart monitor.

It beeped.

“Oh, God. Oh, Daddy. Mom! The machine.”

The fear and despair in Silver’s voice forced me away. No time to experiment—not if it made them think there was a problem.

Rory leaned over my bed and put two fingers on my neck.

“Her pulse is steady. Maybe it’s a problem with the machine.”

My invisible touch had affected the heart monitor. I filed the information away for later.

Later. Hah.

Who knew what later would bring? When my body died, would I disappear? Or would that be when the famous tunnel appeared and my dead relatives came to collect me? Where the hell were they, anyway?

At the very least, my grandmother should have shown up to guide me through this. I’m certain I was her favourite—my sisters always told me so. I didn’t want to think about my sisters yet, though, so I pushed them out of my mind.

Another frantic cry from Silver yanked me out of my head. Any of the machines that could make noise were doing so, and my body flopped and twitched like a landed fish.

Richler shot into the room, other medical personnel right behind him. He rushed to the bed and yanked the blanket off me.

“Get these people out of here,” he snapped at a nurse, though she was already ushering my family out.

I can’t say why, but I followed them. The logical thing to do would have been to stay there to see if they succeeded in keeping me alive. But I was conditioned to listen to authority, and when he said get out, I left.

The last thing I heard was Richler shouting, “Clear!”

About the Author: Formerly a software/web developer, Val Tobin now spends her time writing. She is also a Reiki Master/Teacher and Angel Therapy Practitioner® with advanced training, certified by Doreen Virtue in Kona, Hawaii. Val contributed a story to Doreen Virtue and Grant Virtue’s book Angel Words, published by Hay House. She has written numerous novels and some short stories available on Amazon and at other retailers. In April 2016, Val received her master’s degree in parapsychology. Find out more about Val on her  website.

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6 responses to “New Release Mondays: Earthbound by Val Tobin

  1. Thank you so much, Sheri.

  2. Judy Penz Sheluk

    Thanks Sheri! I met Val at a local event and it’s great fun to showcase her work.

  3. Thank you, Kristina, I’m so glad you enjoyed the excerpt. Thank you, Judy, for the opportunity to share it.

  4. Hi Judy, thanks for sharing this story. Love the excerpt. Adding it to my TRL

  5. Judy Penz Sheluk

    Thanks Kristina. It’s fun to showcase others.

  6. Kristina Stanley

    Great excerpt this week. It’s such fun finding new books and authors to read here each Monday.

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