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Any original literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work is automatically protected by copyright the moment it’s created. But it’s still recommended that authors file for “official” copyright. I wrote about this at some length when I filed for my very first copyright in 2015 for THE HANGED MAN’S NOOSE, the first book in my Glass Dolphin mystery series, and my debut novel. You can read that post here.

But here’s the thing: First time, second time, third time…filing for copyright NEVER gets old. At least, it doesn’t for me. There’s something exciting about getting that certificate in the mail and seeing your name attached to something you created.

A HOLE IN ONE is the second book in the Glass Dolphin series, and it picks up a few months after NOOSE ends. Many of the characters are the same, but there are some new additions, and some character who, for a variety of reasons, didn’t make the sequel. Here’s a brief synopsis of what you can expect:

Murder, mystery, and mayhem—small-town secrets have never been bigger…

When the Glass Dolphin antiques shop agreed to sponsor a hole in one contest at the Miakoda Falls Golf & Country Club “Kids Come First” charity golf tournament, co-owners Arabella Carpenter and Emily Garland never dreamed it would bring them anything but positive publicity. That is until Arabella’s errant tee shot on the third hole landed in the woods—right next to a dead man with a gunshot wound in the middle of his chest. A dead man they soon learn is closely related to Arabella’s ex-husband, Levon Larroquette, who had been acting as the Course Marshal.

With means, opportunity, and more than enough motive, Levon soon becomes the police department’s prime suspect, leaving Arabella and Emily determined to clear his name—even if they’re not entirely convinced of Levon’s innocence.

The duo’s investigation leads them to a mysterious cult, Emily’s ex-fiancée and the woman he left her for, an Elvis impersonator, and a “going out of business” antiques mall vendor with a secret of her own. Along the way, an anonymous blogger complicates their lives even further with online posts rife with rumor, innuendo, and accusation.

Publication of A HOLE IN ONE is scheduled for March 2018. A limited number of ARCs (Advance Reader Copies) will be available shortly in print, Kindle, Kobo, Nook, and PDF formats. If you’re a reviewer or blogger and would like a copy in exchange for an honest review, please contact me.





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