Other Works

Other Works is very much a work-in-progress, although I do plan to add pages and posts under this tab as time, energy and interest permits.

I’ve started more or less at the beginning of my “professional” writing career, with my first published short story, CRANBERRY CORNERS, in Beginnings Magazine.

Next up is the THEMA link, and in my blog The Story of THEMA.

I’ve also added a page devoted to the Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition. I’ve never won, but I’ve been fortunate to have received five Honorable Mentions in the Magazine Feature Article category.

Since so much of my writing life involves freelance writing, I’ve created two pages: Freelance Favorites: Part I where I share my personal journey as a freelance writer/editor and Freelance Favorites: Part II where I share a handful of highlights I’ve had along the way.

More recently, I’ve added a page dedicated to my contributions in First Draft, the bimonthly newsletter for Sisters in Crime – Guppies. 

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