Short Stories

Live Free or Tri

Publication date: January 13, 2016

Available in print and Kindle on Amazon.

Appearances are often deceiving and that’s the underlying premise of this collection:

In “Live Free or Die,” naive 21-year-old Emmy falls hard for 31-year-old Jack, an efficiency expert from New Hampshire who is not all that he seems.

In “Murder in the Marsh,” cyclist Carrie Anne Camack discovers more than she bargained for in the fertile farmlands of Ontario’s Holland Marsh.

In the final story, “The Cycopaths,” a triathlon team’s open-water swim training in Collingwood, Ontario, has deadly consequences.



On Kevin’s Corner

“Live Free or Tri: a collection of three short mystery stories is exactly what it purports to be as the three short story mystery tales in this book are all good ones. At forty-five pages this very recent release is also a very fast read….

These three fast reads in Live Free or Tri: A collection of three short mystery stories feature a lot of depth and plenty of mystery. The characters involved in the tales have plenty of backstory that skillfully comes into play as the story works forward in real time. Each mystery is complex with more than one small twist: the result is a highly entertaining read from start to finish.

Read the complete review on Kevin’s Corner.

Tried It!

“A fun set of snappy short stories by an incredibly versatile writer. Ms Sheluk appears to have mastered the art of adaptability in her various stories and demonstrates a strong voice with a bite of humour. Really clever story telling. Who knew triathlon could be so dangerous.” Victoria, Verified Purchaser,

Unhappy Ending

Publication Date: February 9, 2016

Available in Kindle edition on Amazon.

We like to believe that every story has a happy ending, but in life, as in these brief slice-of-life stories, that isn’t always the case.
In Sylvia’s World, narrator Sylvia considers her life with her husband, Phil.
In Cleopatra Slippers, a sixteen-year-old girl arrives home to discover her mother has tried to commit suicide.
In Emmaline, the shortest of the three flash fiction stories at 260 words, a teenager contemplates her life while faced with an unplanned pregnancy.
The first time published as a single collection, each flash fiction story was previously published in 2005 or 2006 in THEMA, a literary journal based in New Orleans, Louisiana.


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