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New Release Mondays: I Wish You Missed Me by Bonnie Hearn Hill

Author Name: Bonnie Hearn Hill

Book Title: I Wish You Missed Me

Book Genre: Suspense

Release Date: April 1, 2017

Synopsis: Farley Black, Kit Doyle’s former radio co-host, is missing. When Kit and her friend, former street person Virgie Logan, head north to California’s redwood country in search of the truth, a series of menacing incidents convinces Kit that she’s being watched. Someone is tracking her every move. As her unknown pursuer grows bolder and more reckless, Kit realizes she isn’t just looking for Farley – but running from a killer.

Excerpt: Megan puts on the large, white-framed sunglasses, even though it’s starting to get dark out. The dress Will insisted she wear is too low cut for an evening in a pub and too sexy, even for her. She ties his red bandana around her neck and makes a double knot, turning it into kind of a cowboy kerchief.

‘You ready yet?’ Will calls from outside the cabin. Then he walks inside and his boots squeak to a stop on the wood floor when he sees her. ‘Nice.’ He circles her slowly and then stops so they are eye to eye. ‘Very nice. But take your hair down, will you?’

‘I thought a ballerina bun would look better with this dress.’

‘You’re not paid to think.’ He grins and swats her on the ass. ‘Come on, beautiful. Time’s a-wasting.’

She shakes out her hair, pulls it behind her ears and over one shoulder. The cracked bathroom mirror makes her look as if she has five eyes. Megan blinks all of them and says, ‘Let’s go.’

He’s promised this will be the last one and she believes him. Will is many things but not a liar. Not to her, anyway.

They pause at the top of the stairs and the sound of the creek in back, combined with the redwood scent of the deck after a morning of rain, reminds her why she came here with him and why she stays. Not that she needs reminders.

‘What are you thinking?’ he asks.

Just like that, she remembers something. ‘I was supposed to help Priscilla and the other women make blueberry jam tonight.’

‘Like she will care if you don’t show up?’ He starts down the stairs. ‘Priscilla. Michael. I’ll never figure out these people.’

‘Good people,’ she reminds him. ‘They took us in with no questions.’

About the author: This is the third in the Kit Doyle series and Bonnie Hearn Hill’s seventeenth novel. A California native, Bonnie is passionate about how conflict changes us and both allows and forces us to discover new truths about ourselves. A mentor to numerous writers, Bonnie has appeared on a Central California television stations’s book segment for fourteen years. www.bonniehhill.com

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New Release Mondays: Doubtful Relations by James M. Jackson

DR Cover 480x300Author:  James M. Jackson

Book Title: Doubtful Relations (Seamus McCree #4)

Book Genre: Suspense

Release Date: August 23, 2016 (Available for pre-order)

Synopsis: Financial crimes investigator Seamus McCree has wife problems, and Lizzie’s not even his wife anymore. Her current husband disappeared while traveling, and Lizzie turns to Seamus for help.

Equal parts road trip, who done what, and domestic thriller, Doubtful Relations takes psychological suspense to a new level. Seamus McCree fans and newcomers alike will delight in this fast-paced novel that leaves no one in the family unchanged and keeps you guessing until the very end.

Excerpt: Alone on the stage, she [Seamus’s mother] spoke into the microphone so softly people leaned forward to hear her. She told the story of my father’s death—a cop killed on duty when I was young. She spoke of her struggles to get her children through college, and how once I had graduated she had retreated to silence for more than two decades. Two years ago she resumed limited verbal communications and now you couldn’t shut her up—the crowd always laughed at the line.

I was unprepared the first time she made her speech, and bawled. Partly because she spoke of my father’s death. Partly because she exposed her vulnerabilities to a crowd of strangers, something I could no more do than don a cape and fly like Superman. It had taken me a while, but I could now listen to her story without getting teary.

That night, no one talked, no one moved, no one even drank their beer while she spoke of loss and redemption. Applause pulled me from woolgathering about what tomorrow would bring. I should have been focusing on the task at hand, steadying myself instead of worrying myself into what was quickly becoming a throbbing headache. Not good, and no time for a pain reliever. Mom waited for the applause to die down before she spoke.

“I have one final proposition for you tonight. A small wager, should you choose to participate. But first, I need to accessorize.”

On cue, the emcee came on stage and tied a bandanna across Mom’s eyes. She tapped the microphone with her finger and at the sound the audience settled. “Give me five darts and I’ll bet I can hit the bull’s eye.” The crowd’s murmur swelled. Mom raised her hand and they quieted. “I’ll throw an exploratory dart. My son, Seamus—oh, Shay-mus, where are you?”

Her singsong calling of my name was my cue. I ambled down the middle aisle to polite applause. Once on stage, I gave her a hug.

jmj-headshotAbout the author: James M. Jackson authors the Seamus McCree mystery series. ANT FARM, BAD POLICY, CABIN FEVER, and DOUBTFUL RELATIONS (8/23/16). Jim also published an acclaimed book on contract bridge, One Trick at a Time How to start winning at bridge, as well as numerous short stories and essays. He is the president of the 600-member Guppy Chapter of Sisters in Crime. He splits his time between the deep woods of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and the open spaces of Georgia’s Lowcountry.

You can find more information about Jim (including social media links) and his writing (including purchase links) on his website.

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